Can I cancel my order?
It depends on how far your order has come in the manufacturing and packing process. If your order can be cancelled, you can do so by contact us.


Can I add, remove or change a product in my order?
If your order is not too far along in the process, you can contact us to possibly make a change to your order.


I have not received an order confirmation?
Your order confirmation is automatically sent to the e-mail address specified in the checkout at the time of purchase.
Have you not received an order confirmation immediately after the order is completed, this may be because the order was not completed correctly or that you entered an incorrect email address.
Check that you have entered the correct email address, if you have accidentally entered an incorrect email address, you can contact us and we can adjust it afterwards. Please take a look in the spam folder in case the email ended up there.


Why hasn't my order gone through?
In most cases, this is because the payment transaction didn't go through correctly.
Try another payment method or contact us for further assistance.